Saturday, 22 December 2012


Assalamualaikum Wbt..
Hee, ehem.
Nak share beberapa perkara je.
Berkenaan dgn Scicom Academy.
Skrg aku join kursus ASET
Haa.. bljr softskill...
Even da bljr dlu, tp skrg pn bljr lg.
Nk bg fasih la konon.. Ekekekekek~
Actually i will get certificate from this program.
Btech level 3 certificate in UK.
But need to get a good pass lah.
Dan lpas tu diorg akan sediakan 1 carrier fair.
Jadi, trainer ASET akan dpt interview dari syrkt2.
Igt kursus mcm bese je..
tp ade gak la assessment, presentation and so on.
But, quite fun. Hahaha!
Then, yesterday i've heard sad story from my classmate.
For me, she was really2 strong person.
She has a boyfriend who really loyal to her.
But she broke up with him bcos she have a cancer.
And the doctor said she just have a few month to live.
So she make a decision to broke up.
We didnt know what will happen.
But she already make a decision for herself.
I was crying when i''ve heard about that.
Actually i wanna ask about her boyfriend..
how do they meet, when...
But....the story change to sad scene..
It is touch my heart and very sensitive.
Well, it is a good for us to take this as a moral to live.
Be strong. And do not forget Allah SWT.
Support ISLAM you will SAFE.
Tata. :)

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